Report: Anwar says not overly concerned about becoming PM, leaves it to fate

12-Jan-2019 Intellasia |
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Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim today said that he is not overly concerned about his prospects of becoming the next prime minister, and is leaving the matter to fate.

In an interview with India’s The Hindu, the Port Dickson MP said that he has almost seen it all, and is therefore not worried if he is or is not installed as the prime minister.

“I am 71 years old, and I have been to hell and back and hell and back again, so I am not overly concerned about the future.

“I know people think politicians don’t mean that, but I do. Que sera sera (What will be, will be),” he reportedly told the daily.

However, the PKR president said that he and Dr Mahathir have both agreed that the latter would not remain as prime minister beyond the agreed period of two years, but he felt it was important to not announce the exact date of the power transition.

“We want PM Mahathir to effectively run the country with full support, not as a lame duck. We need to be united and focus on the serious economic problems.

Anwar was asked to comment if he knows when exactly Dr Mahathir will hand over duties to him.

On his feelings on having to work with Dr Mahathir who once jailed him, Anwar admitted that it was a “difficult decision” to make, owing to the past history between the two men.

However, he said he had come to terms with focusing on the bigger picture for the nation.

“The problems faced by the country were more acute than the problems I faced. Being in jail, solitary confinement, the assault by the police chief, and the humiliation of sexual and treason allegations were all very hard, but eventually we won,” Anwar added.

Dr Mahathir has repeatedly stressed that he will honour the agreement to hand power to Anwar when the time comes.


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